VithoulkasCompass Workshop

Grand 4 & 5

Time: 17:15 – 18:00

Vithoulkas Compass – A Revolution in Repertorizing

Come and learn how to use this incredibly powerful yet simple tool and increase your success rates.

VC is a next generation expert system which is designed to effectively support practitioners of classical homeopathy in deciding which remedy to prescribe to their patients. It incorporates several features and tools that make the practice of homeopathy not only easier and more successful but also a constant learning experience. The expert system emulates the thinking process of a master homeopath in many ways.

The analysis of thousands of real cases and guidance by Professor George Vithoulkas have resulted in a performance which is clearly above anything previously available. VC is a web-based application which can be accessed from a variety of web-capable devices, with no need for any software download or installation. It is a live system which will be constantly improved based upon analysis of the results of the users and ongoing research into the complex nature of homeopathy.

Vithoulkas Compass truly represents a new standard in homeopathy software, as the philosophy in every aspect of its continuous development is the maximization of the success rate of homeopaths and a focus on quality and maximum reliability of the repertory data.

Congress 2016

Centred on the theme, Homeopathy: Healthy Patients, Healthy Practice, delegates enjoyed presentations, seminars and workshops delivered by leading homeopaths from the UK and around the globe. Topics for discussion included the first UK presentation by Swiss Paediatrician Dr Heiner Frei, who introduced his very successful approach to treatment of children with ADHD; Dr Jonathan Hardy's video cases of patients with severe addictions markedly helped by Homeopathy; Dr Julie Geraghty introduction of the new Gemstone remedies like Amethyst, Diamond and Emerald (also very useful in addiction) and Dr Elizabeth Thompson on the usefulness of the hydrocarbon remedies in treating patients with cancer.


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