Dr Julie Geraghty

geraghty-jAfter completing my medical training in Cape Town, I came to the UK in 1986 to do my GP training. I discovered homoeopathy during my GP Registrar year, and have never looked back! After deciding not to practise as a GP but to pursue homoeopathy full-time, I worked as an SHO at the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital for 2 years before getting my MFHom. I set up a private homoeopathic practice in Scotland, before moving to Bristol in 2002. I work one day a week at Bristol Homeopathic Hospital (now PCIM) and have a busy private practice in the city. In August 2015 I was elected medical dean of the Faculty of Homeopathy.

I am very involved in teaching homoeopathy to healthcare professionals both in the UK and abroad. I continue to pursue my own learning of homoeopathy, which is a never ending process! My main teachers are Rajan Sankaran in Mumbai, Dr Massimo Mangialavori in Italy and Dr Jan Scholten in Holland. I have attended two seminars with Peter Tumminello, the Australian homeopath and gemologist who introduced most of the Gemstone remedies to the Materia Medica, and I have found them invaluable in my practice over the last 18 months.

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Session details:
Sunday 6 November – Plenary Session
Time: 11:30
Room: Grand 1 & 2
Gemstone remedies in Homeopathy – sparkling additions to the Materia Medica


Congress 2016

Centred on the theme, Homeopathy: Healthy Patients, Healthy Practice, delegates enjoyed presentations, seminars and workshops delivered by leading homeopaths from the UK and around the globe. Topics for discussion included the first UK presentation by Swiss Paediatrician Dr Heiner Frei, who introduced his very successful approach to treatment of children with ADHD; Dr Jonathan Hardy's video cases of patients with severe addictions markedly helped by Homeopathy; Dr Julie Geraghty introduction of the new Gemstone remedies like Amethyst, Diamond and Emerald (also very useful in addiction) and Dr Elizabeth Thompson on the usefulness of the hydrocarbon remedies in treating patients with cancer.


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